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Area 51

About 200 km of Vegas away in the southern Nevada in the USA is the military restricted area Nelli air base, in whom the Airforce develops and tests new airplanes and weapon systems. here is the probably best protected range of the whole world, which admits the test area AREA 51, also known as Dreamland or black world, which is as large as Switzerland. Officially the existence of the " Restricted Area" is denied . if someone exceeds the border he will be punished, either with a fine or even with imprisonments of up to one year. Everywhere in the desert area are movement alarm units and videocomb-race hidden. Why so an expenditure for something that doesn't exist officially at all? 
Secrecy measures of this militarily used plant and the connection to secret airplane research, also the reports of suspects phenomena made the AREA 51 to a modern object of different UFO and conspiracy theories. one of the most well-known theories act of the rosewell incident. on 14 June 1947 the farmer Mac Brazel found on one of his administered farm unusual rubble parts. The wreck parts were collected allegedly later by military personnel and brought first to the army airfield Roswell. On 8 July 1947 i walter haut, which is the press spokesmen of the Roswell military base, told by telephone broadcasting stations and newspapers about the find . he said that „… the many rumors over the flying disks… yesterday become material“. Some hours later the statement have been recalled.
With the publication of the first book concerning the procedures in Roswell in the year 1980 the case was given to a broad public . Only since this time it is maintained that the object, which fell on that day, is an Alien spaceship. It is also maintained that in the crash place a Alien body was found, which was brought from the military to the famous AREA 51 in Nevada.
 besides one says that meetings and secret discussions with extraterrestrial ways of life take place there. also it seems to be connected with the moon-landing conspiracy, because one says that this was taken up there. US Department of Defense explained that AREA 51 is not the official designation, but a part of the Nellis test range is responsible for technologies and weapon systems. It is confirmed that it gave partial special activities on the basis, which are kept secret, which seems obviously suspiciously. also it is remarkable that the area is not specified in the satellite photos of the United States published by the government. one of the most well-known names regarding AREA 51 is Robert lazar, who stated to be active in a secret project for the American government. his task was the research of new propulsion technologies. In the context of his activity he received documents, which represented photos of extraterrestial and nine different UFOs. In a hangar Lazar saw a flat flying object with a smooth, perfect surface. his work was the identification of the element 115, which represented the energy source of the flying object. He saw himself pursued by the American authorities. he received several murder threats, which he did not take seriously. he published his information in order to protect himself. The statements from Lazar to the element 115 were clearly disproved by science and research. also in the life of Lazar there were certainly unusual procedures and statements
how you can see there are many rumors about the AREA 51, which are strengthened particularly by the strong secrecy of this area. but evenly by this secrecy it is not possibly for the public to investigate, what really takes place in this secret area. you can only wait until information penetrates to the public. up to then you can only speculate .

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